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Product Index
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ground002-PACK   17 Pounds of 1 lb Ground Beef
ground001-PACK   22 Pounds of 1 lb Ground Beef
gift040   4 Pack of Sirloins
roast007   Arm Roast
CSA Beef   Beef CSA Share
CSA-Shipping   Beef CSA Shipping
variety018   Beef Heart Whole
suet001   Beef Suet
tallow001   Beef Tallow
variety016   Bird Tweets (oops Treats)
variety019   Bone-In Short Ribs
variety011   Boneless Short Ribs
pet002   Bones
roast003-0001   Brisket - whole
steak016   Chuck Eye Steaks
roast008   Chuck Roast
steak006-0004   Cowboy (French) Cut Ribeye
WW0003   Cyber Monday Steaks
CF002   Cystic Fibrosis Donation
bulk0001   Eighth
steak009   Flank Steak
steak010   Flat Iron Steak
ground003-0003   Gourmet Beef Patties - 10 8oz patties
ground003-0004   Gourmet Beef Patties - 16 5oz patties
ground003-0001   Gourmet Beef Patties - 40 2oz patties
ground001   Gourmet Ground Beef 1 lb
ground002   Gourmet Ground Chuck 1 lb
ground002B   Gourmet Ground Chuck Patties
variety008   Grass Fed Beef Jerky
variety008F   Grass Fed FIRE Beef Jerky
variety008J   Grass Fed JALEPENO Beef Jerky
variety008Kit   Grass Fed Jerky Sample Pack
variety008S   Grass Fed SMOKE Beef Jerky
Package001   Grass Fed Starter Kit
bulk002   Half
steak012   Inside Skirt Steak
gift020   Italian Roast Special
pet001   Knuckle Bones
chicken002   Large Whole Chicken
variety005   Liver
variety005b   Liver
pet005   Liver Jerky
TSHIRT-MEM   Man Eat Meat T-Shirt
variety002   Marrow Bones
steak007   New York Strip
steak011   Onglet
steak012B   Outside Skirt Steak
variety006   Oxtail
giftpet020   Perfect Pet Treat Package
steak013   Porterhouse Steak-Now single steaks
bulk001   Quarter
pet003   Raw Beef Pet Snacks
steak006   Ribeye
roast001-PACK   Roast Package
roast002-PACK   Roast Package #2
roast005   Rump Roast
variety020   Shank
gift100   Signature Steak Gift Pack
roast001   Sirloin Tip Roast
variety004   Spare Ribs
ground003-0007   Steak Burgers - 8 6oz patties
gift200   Steak for the Season
variety001   Stew Meat
steak002-PACK   Summer Steak Package
steak003-PACK   Summer Steak Package #2
steak014   T-Bone Steak: Individual Steaks
variety003   Tenderized Beef Cutlets
steak002   Tenderloin of Beef (filet)
steak003   Tennessee Tails
gift080   The Perfect Filet Mignon Gift Pack
roast004   Top Round Roast
steak008   Top Sirloin
roast002   Tri-Tip Sirloin Roast
bulk003   Whole

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