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Many businesses only get feedback when
they are doing something wrong.

We are fortunate to get very nice notes from some of our fabulous customers!  When you work hard to provide a product that we hope others will appreciate; it feels good to get confirmation that we are accomplishing our goals.

Below are some encouraging comments from our customers and critics.

I have no beef with your beef.  In fact, your ground beef was, without a doubt, the best my wife Annie and I have ever had, period!  We are no stranger to superior quality of grass-fed beef but yours is on another level; well done!

We are the couple that Josh took the time to serve us on Monday afternoon, early evening and since we are so close to Marche, we will be purchasing more soon.

Take care and have a good weekend;
Todd Williams
July 25,2010

Hi Kathy:
I know you have not heard from me for a while, however; I am still using your beef.  I made hamburger patties for the grill today and my teenage daughter said "mom, these burgers are so good, what kind of beef is this"?  She just went on and on about how good the burgers were.  I just wanted to share that with you and to also ask if you will be doing any delivery in maybe July in the M'Boro area?

Thank you,


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how great the beef that you guys delivered has been.  I'm a creature of habit, and I've been desperately searching for a new source of grass-fed beef, and (as I'm sure you know) all pasture-raised beef isn't the same!  You guys have delivered some fantastic burgers to my lunch plate.  I am sure the steaks will be just as good, but the burgers were fantastic, both in spaghetti and as burgers.

Thank you for the work and effort that I know goes into the products that you turn out.


"Josh & Kathy,
We'd like to thank you and your family for producing such a high quality product.  Here's the feedback.
The meat could not have been fresher smelling and looking.  Our first order was for Tennessee Tails, Ribeye steaks, and a Sirloin tip roast.
The Tails:
We cooked them exactly as your website suggested, with a little customizing.  We used a Blackened Cajun rub, olive oiled them, then seared them on high heat on both sides, and lowered the temperature to finish.  Right off the grill they went into aluminum foil and butter, and we waited 10 minutes before unwrapping.  The tails looked great.  A good amount of pink in the middle is how we like our meat, and they came off the grill just right.  The taste was different, yet far better than anything we've ever bought in a store or from a butcher.  The tails cut almost as easily as Filet Mignon.  We were surprised at how juicy they were (amazing what happens when you cook a great, lean steak, and turn with tongs vs. spearing a very lean meat -- we'll never spear again).  Through years of business and pleasure dinners at all the great steakhouses in many states, and sampling Omaha Steaks as well (always grudgingly -- since Missouri and Nebraska do not mix well at all during college football season), the tails were every bit as good, if not better, than any high-end steak house, and better than Omaha Steaks. 
The Ribeye's:
Again, cooked exactly as your website suggested, and customized.  We used a steak rub, marinated and oiled them, then seared and cooked and wrapped them as we did the tails.  Same result; juicy, tender, and great tasting.
Sure, we'll continue to support our local butchers because they do a good job, too, and the money goes back into the local economy.  But when we want to go up a notch and get something that not only tastes great, but is more natural and healthier than store or butcher-bought beef, you'll be getting our business.  We've not tried the roast yet, but have no doubt it will be excellent if we cook it right.

Thanks again. 
Your product is great, and the excellent customer service and personal touches are most appreciated (and the shipping refund).  We can only imagine how hard you all work, seven days a week."  - Dardenne Prairie, MO

"In a world where customer service and quality seem to be going the way of the dinosaurs, it is an absolute pleasure to find a company that takes pride in their product and delivers on it's promises. Gourmet Pasture Beef has achieved mastery. From start to finish the Tennessee Tails are, hands down, one of the greatest steaks I have ever had the pleasure of grilling. Uncompromising dedication to your product and meticulous attention to detail shine through and have earned you my business for as long as you continue to do business. Thank you so much!"  - Portland, TN                                                           


"Hello Josh and Kathy,

I couldn’t wait to tell you how great your meat is!... we had your steaks for dinner Saturday night, and all of us thought your beef was among the best we had ever tasted, whether grass-fed or grain-fed. The flavor was rich and beefy and the steaks were very tender.

I’ve tasted grass-fed beef from perhaps 50 pasture-based ranches around the country and there was none that was better than yours. Your steaks were also as well-marbled as any I’ve seen. You’ve done a great job. Thanks so much for letting us taste them!"


- feedback from Jo Robinson, grass-fed expert and founder of

"Omaha who??  we were a long time Omaha Steaks customer that decided to try your beef, and boy are we amazed at how much better your beef is!  The taste, tenderness, everything is  superior to what we're used to. 
We can't wait to order again!"  - Franklin, TN

Hi Josh-

"The steaks arrived today, and they look gorgeous.  Highly marbled, with a good creamy color that makes it clear these were grass-fed animals.  I am impressed that you have been able to produce such highly finished beef so early in your careers as grassfarmers.

Thanks again for sending the meat!"
- feedback from Jo Robinson, grass-fed expert and founder of

"we had some friends over last Friday evening and had the rib eye steaks.  They were very good.  Had the hamburgers for guests the next weekend and every one enjoyed them."  - Gallatin, TN


"I wanted to let you know that I just finished talking with a very satisfied client, and she is still bragging about the roast.  She said it was the best she had ever eaten!  She said about 10 days later she was craving another roast and went to a “healthy” all natural grocery store and bought one and it was not comparable to the one we had given her."  - Springfield, TN


"If I didn't reach the 10lb minimum just add any cuts you have to make up the difference (I'm not picky I enjoy all your products) Thanks so much!!!"  - Brentwood, TN


"I ordered for the first time from you a few weeks ago (along with one of the doctors I work for). We are totally loving the steaks and roasts!!!  I haven't tried any of the ground beef yet, but I'm sure it's just as tasty.  The cooking tips you gave were very helpful, so thanks for that as well.
I just wish I could eat more faster so I could place another order quickly.  Just wanted to give you all some positive feedback.  Look forward to ordering again soon.  Keep up the awesome work!!"  - Madison, TN

"My husband and I had the TN Tails for dinner tonight.  His comment was, “I think that was the best steak I have ever had.”   Coming from him that is an extreme compliment.  It was delicious.  We all loved it.

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the steaks.  Looking forward to the hamburgers!"  -  White House, TN


"WOW!  Thank you so very much for delivering such beautiful meat products!  I am cooking the roast tonight and we can't wait to taste it!  Over the last couple of years, I have bought grassfed meat from various people and never had any that looked this wonderful! 
I generally don't like to buy hamburger patties as they are so dry and 'factory pressed', but these look just like what I make!  Planning to have some Saturday or Sunday night, will let you know our thoughts....

Well, I have to update you on the roast I cooked last Friday.  It was a winner and delicious!  I cooked the meat with my original recipe (in the crock pot) and everyone wanted to know what I had put in differently!  lolo 
It was fun to listen to everyone's different take on the taste of the meat.  The best one was 'the flavor of the MEAT goes DEEP'.
I will have to say, that was the first roast I believe I cooked that not one piece of meat was wasted (or fed to the dogs! lolo).  'Good to the last bite'.

To end such a beautiful day yesterday, we grilled some hamburger patties (8oz) ..... they went over great too! 
Thanks again for providing awesome meat!  Everyone is already saying they can't wait to taste a steak!  We are all planning to order some tenderloin from you for our annual get together in few weeks!    Have a wonderful day!"  - Alexandria, TN